our tortillas

We make our own tortillas using imported heirloom white olotillo corn from Oaxaca, Mexico. We transform the corn into a nutritional super food through an ancient process called nixtamalization. After the process is done, we grind the corn using volcanic stones into masa "dough". The masa can then be pressed into tortillas or used for other various dishes such as sopes or tamales. The company we source our corn from supports independent farmers whom value agricultural biodiversity and sustainability. Click the button below to learn more about the company, where the corn comes from, and the nixtamalition process.

We sell our tortillas!

You can now have an authentic taco experience at home! 

  • Made from organic heirloom corn (gluten-free)
  • No preservatives
  • Tortilla size is 12cm in diameter
  • Each pack contains 20 tortillas and cost 50 kr
  • Pre-order your tortillas Sunday-Wednesday each week
  • Pick-up your tortillas Friday or Saturday at our location inside Kville Saluhall
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Each pack contains 20 tortillas
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